Shompole Wilderness 


One of the very few TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE tented camps in Kenya (We take only one booking at a time). 


Shompole Wilderness is CLOSED until 31 March 2021. 


We have taken this “down time” to GROW. We are growing from 4 to 6 luxury tents, all on decks and they will be ready end of March 2021, we are also tidying up the camp and making a few changes in the rooms to give you more light. 

The dining and chill areas will also be made more comfortable.


Please contact us if you are interested in visiting Shompole. 

Shompole Wilderness is a small private tented camp set in Shompole, deep in Kenya’s Southern part of the Great Rift Valley, between Amboseli National Park and the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve is the Shompole conservancy. We offer both privacy and comfort in a unique location and welcome you to join us at our home. 


Nestled under the giant fig trees on the banks of the Ewaso Ngiro river, this small, homely and family run and managed tented camp is one of the few places in Africa that combines wildlife sightings in the Great Rift Valley with the stunning pink, red, green and yellow colours of Lake Magadi and Lake Natron, both Lesser and Greater flamingoes and a welcoming Maasai community.


We welcome you to our home, a place we love, cherish and help protect. 


 This area offers you the opportunity to stay a few nights amongst the traditional Maasai people, at the bottom of the longest valley in the world – the Great Rift Valley, float down the river tubes, see an authentic Maasai village, photograph some of the 450+ birds species or go and see the endangered Greater and Lesser flamingos. 


Our camp gives you the opportunity to experience an authentic African safari experience in our home: a place we love, cherish, and help protect.



Best time

June – October / Mid December – February, but we are open through out the year.


We take only one booking at a time giving you the exclusive and private use of whole camp to enjoy by yourself.

Length of stay

3-4 nights is best giving you enough to time to explore our section of the Great Rift Valley, its people, its wildlife and to enjoy our activities, all without restrictions of a national park and vehicles.


Day time: 30 – 42 Celsius 

Night time: 15 – 25 Celsius. 


There is always a bunch of fun things to do where there are very few restrictions. One of the best things about our ecosystem is that there are very few tourists around, giving you a very private time.

The wildlife is great, we only lack rhino. Walking and running with the plains game can be done right from camp on the open plains behind camp with a Maasai guide. The flamingoes are a great spectacle and always bring a smile to everyone who sees them. At an extra cost, a helicopter flight over the flamingoes is very highly recommended.

See the Flamingoes

We can drive or one can fly over Lake Magadi & Lake Natron come highly recommended.

The lakes have Lesser and Greater flamingoes and an incredibly beautiful birds. They are amongst over 450 birds species we have in our ecosystem.

Walk with Baboons

Every one treks mountains to see Gorillas or the Chimps, but here you can follow a troop of Baboons that have been habituated and are studied every day by Sisco from the Lale’enok Resource Centre.

No where else in Kenya is this done.

Walk / Run wild

Get out of the vehicle and enjoy a walk or run amongst the wildlife.

We have open plains behind the camp and 350,000 acres to enjoy, so space is not a problem here, and being at the bottom of the Great Rift Valley (the longest valley in the World – 6,000kms / 4,000 miles long!)

River activities

Lucky for us there are no crocs in this river, allowing us to use it freely.

High on the list is kayaking and tubing where we float down the river for a few kilometres back to camp, it is a very effortless activity and we often see the rare colobus monkeys jumping over head.

Family owned & managed

It has always been a dream of Johann’s to have his own camp. That dream came true and now he lives most of the time in Shompole with his wife Samantha and their two children Seyia and Taru.

They both work in the ecosystem. Samantha works for SORALO and heads up the research in the area and together they have made this their home in the wild.

The kids are home schooled in the wild!

Old Africa & Big Sky country

A safari veteran / guide came to see us in camp in the beginning and said that the Shompole area reminds him of the Old Africa he knew when he was a child. Since then, several guests have mentioned words along the same lines.

Shompole is big sky country. it is an area with swamps, open plains, fig forests, rivers and is abundant in wildlife, traditional Maasai all set with the western wall of the Great Rift Valley as our back drop.

Out & About

We love the area because we are not confined to the vehicle, the Maasai have allowed us to freely use the area almost like it was our own.

We are not restricted to vehicles, we enjoy mostly getting out and getting the real feel of Africa. We are free to use over 250,000 acres of the Shompole ecosystem with hardly any other tourists around. It’s a real gem.